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The history of Whiskey

The word “whiskey” is an Anglicisation of the first word in the Gaelic phrase, uisce beatha, meaning “water of life”. The phrase was a translation of the Latin term aqua vitae, which was commonly used to describe distilled spirits during the Middle Ages. The Irish proudly claim to have discovered whiskey when a group of Irish monks returned to Ireland from their travels sometime around 700 A.D. bringing with them a new technique of distilling perfumes. This technique was then modified by the Irish to achieve a drinkable spirit called Uisce Beatha.

Since then Ireland has had a very long and colourful history of whiskey so there’s no better place than Ireland to explore the intriguing world of whiskey and it’s heritage. A visit to the picturesque twin towns of Killaloe/Ballina on The Ring of Lough Derg is a must for whiskey enthusiasts.

Peat is rarely used in the malting process of Irish whiskey, which has a smoother finish as opposed to the smoky, earthy overtones which can be tasted in some of its contemporaries across the seas.

Irish whiskey once one of the most popular in the world. However, a long period of decline from the late 1800’s onwards greatly damaged the industry. An industry in Ireland that once boasted over 30 distilleries in the late 1890’s saw an extinction to just three a century later. Since the late twentieth century, Irish whiskey has seen a great resurgence in popularity and has been the fastest growing spirit in the world every year since 1990. With exports growing over recent years, existing distilleries have been expanded and a number of new distilleries constructed. As of August 2017, Ireland now has eighteen distilleries in operation, with at least a further sixteen in the planning stages.

The Whiskey Cellar seeks to celebrate this resurgence for the love of whiskey. We have someone of Ireland’s largest collections on offer with tasting packages for both novices and the discerning connoisseurs.

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